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Sill Entreprises opened this website to provide information for its users. No commercial use may be made of the data presented within, even if it is partial, without the written agreement of Sill Entreprises beforehand. This page provides the legal terms of use applicable to each visitor of this website. Its consultation implies unconditional agreement to and application of the specifications of this document.


Liability and warranty disclaimer


a) Sill Entreprises has endeavoured to ensure the accuracy of all the information provided on this website.  Despite the care take in the choice of information placed on this website, unintentional errors, inaccuracies or omissions may remain. Under no circumstances shall the contractual liability of Sill Entreprises be incurred in relation to any possible temporary and unexpected errors visible on this website. Moreover, the information communicated through this site may be changed and updated without prior notice.


b) Sill Entreprises many not be held liable for any direct or indirect pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage, whatever the cause (including computer fraud or contamination by a computer virus ) or consequences of consulting this website, its use, the information or use of information contained within and even the inability to obtain access to it, with the exception of direct damage resulting from gross or intentional negligence on behalf of Sill Entreprises.


c) In addition, under no circumstances may Sill Entreprises be held liable for the content of websites to which hyperlinks have been made on this site to provide additional information, since Sill Entreprises has absolutely no control over these websites, which are completely independent.  Any user of the website and its hyperlinks must ensure that he is protected from any viruses circulated during his visit to this site or the websites accessed through this site via hyperlinks. Sill Entreprises cannot guarantee that the server hosting this website is free from viruses or against any technical problem that might arise that would damage the user's computer components or the data stored therein. Whatever the circumstances, neither Sill Entreprises nor any of its subcontractors may be held liable for any damage whatsoever arising from being connected to this website.




a) The whole of this website, its presentation and each of the items contained within, including logos, graphics, photos, plans, videos, sounds, etc. shown on the site, are protected by current French and international legislation related to copyright and are the exclusive property of Sill Entreprises and its beneficiaries.


b) With regard to this copyright, no license or any other right other than that of consulting the "website" shall be granted to anyone. The reproduction of the website's documents is granted for exclusively personal and private use only. Any reproduction or use of the copies made for any other reason is formally prohibited.


c) Use of documents: any information, image, video, advertising campaign, etc. is protected as mentioned earlier. These creations are subject to third party rights (i.e. photographers, models, illustrators, producers, etc.), who have transferred their rights, which have been negotiated by mutual agreement. In this respect all the reproduction, performance and public communication rights, including within downloadable documents, representing these creations (posters, press, films, etc.) are reserved in this specific context.


No commercial use is authorized and the clauses of paragraph a), b) and c) are applicable in this regard. Non-compliance with the abovementioned clauses and what they forbid constitutes an infringement that entails the legal and criminal liability of the infringer.




Each website visitor providing private data for the intention of Sill Entreprises agrees to transfer all the rights related to this data and authorizes its use by Sill Entreprises. Visitors are responsible for the data that they provide in this way and it shall be considered non-confidential. It must be accurate, lawful and must not prejudice the interests of third parties. Sill Entreprises shall not communicate the data collected to third parties for commercial use.


Visitors may exercise their right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning themselves at any time (art. 34 of the “Informatique et Libertés" law (data protection act) dated 6th January 1978).

To exercise this right, please contact us:

- By post at: Sill Entreprises – Raden - 29860 PLOUVIEN


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Sill Entreprises


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Yellowcake concepts

149, rue Pierre Sémard

29200 Brest

Tel: + 33 2 98 49 02 53

Fax: + 33 2 98 49 44 27