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40% Natural Fresh cheese

Smooth and creamy, MALO’s expertise at its best. This MALO product follows tradition to the letter making it THE fresh cheese.

Sweet Fresh cheese

Malo’s well-known 40% fat sweet fresh cheese now comes in a large size for dairy lovers or all the family!
Smooth and creamy, it is delicately sweetened and contains 40% fat.

40% Strawberry & Vanilla Fresh cheese

A favourite with children A fresh cheese remake of Italian ice cream at its best.

A unique recipe and flavour that could also be used as a base for homemade ice cream!

40% Fat Vanilla Fresh cheese

The pleasure of a smooth creamy fresh cheese combined with a hint of vanilla that will transport your taste buds to the islands.

Made and strained in the traditional way by our Dairy Masters, it is a quintessential product for dairy lovers.

0% Fresh cheese

Made from Breton milk, our 0% natural fresh cheese is MALO’s expertise at its best.

Fat free, it will delight lovers of simple good quality flavours. Outstanding natural flavour.