The Yogurts

MALO yogurts come in cardboard or glass pots. They are made using normal milk and organic milk. The cardboard pot is cone-shaped with a flat top. This unique shape, specific to MALO, prevents the whey from rising to the top. This result in creamy fermented yogurts. On top of that, they are stackable ! The carboard pot is a MALO product by excellence, contributing to the reputation of the town of St. Malo.

Fromages frais

MALO continues the tradition of straining it through canvas bags, as was done in the past.
This traditional long slow straining gives it a smooth creamy texture with a taste of the past, hence its official designation as ‘fromage frais’.

More than 72 hours are needed between maturing, straining and packaging in order to obtain the inimitable MALO Fromage Frais.

Available in 0% fat, 20% fat, 40% fat, natural, sweet or fruit varieties. There’s something for everyone !


A great success with our consumers, our dairy desserts will appeal to you for their tasty recipes, practicality and nutritional benefits.

Malo’s tasty desserts are in keeping with the brand spirit. They are a guarantee of our innovative know-how, yet they do not break with tradition.

The most demanding dairy lovers in search of new flavours and textures will be captivated by them. Have you tasted these 6 new desserts?

crème fraîche

With the MALO thick fresh cream, you will find incomparable texture and creaminess, a guarantee of success in your most demanding dishes.

Our organic products

Malo, happiness is organic !

Discover our the full range of organic products for even more pleasure !