“Malo has fed generations of toddlers who, themselves, have passed on the baton to new generations …
Our goal is to offer them the same products as in their childhood by bringing them that greedy pleasure with incomparably tasty quality products. A taste of nostalgia that plunges them back into their tender memories of break-times past.”

Raymond Gizard – Founder of Malo



MALO is above all a family story!
A family of passionate and ambitious people.

It all started in 1948, with Raymond Gizard, To make up for a lack of milk, he decided to deliver pasteurised milk throughout the region during the post-war era. A real labour of love for the St Malo bay !

This is the birth of the wise MALO…

It was in the 1950’s that the first MALO product appeared on shelves.

Success came not long after.

the 50's and 60's

Know-how and tradition

Shortly after, the famous Petits-Suisses were born.
They are still the only ones to be marketed in cardboard boxes today.

It is also the subject of attentions of our dairy Masters : The Swiss isslowly drained through a canvas cloth, like it was done traditionally.

It is this slow draining process that gives the product its unequalled taste.

set yogurt

Choose to your heart's content !

Chocolate, caramel, coconut flavour-or coffee… choose to your heart’s content ! make your choice !

Characterised by a smooth and creamy texture, the set yogurt MALO is  appreciated by both young and old…

Its manufacturing secret is jealously guarded by MALO because it benefits from a process that guarantees a greater digestibility of the milk proteins of the product.

the 70's

The birth of a signature range

The MALO fromage frais range was born during the 1970’s.

As the only manufacturer of fromage frais at the time, MALO continues tradition by slowly and naturally draining the cheese in canvas cloth.

Malo proudly continues this tradition today to maintain this know-how and taste of yesteryear.


the famous yogurt in a cardboard pot!

A veritable sign of recognition for nearly 50 years now, the cardboard pot is closely associated with the MALO range. It is the guarantor of original savoir-faire.

However, the use of this flat-topped cone-shaped cardboard pot is not due to its aestheticism or its “vintage” side, but to the particular qualities of its shape.

Since 2011

The Malo saga continues

MALO continues its development with new innovative ranges : drinking yogurt, glass jars, etc…

Over the past few years, MALO has also tried to widen its organic range, especially in the form of gourmet desserts such as the organic chocolate fondant.

In 2010, the brand appeared for the first time in the metro and Paris’s RER, seducing consumers with the “retro-modern” and “emotional” tone of the poster.

The original cardboard pot obviously remains a true trademark and continues to gain generations of consumers …

That’s why in 2018, MALO launched a new poster campaign, in honor of its famous cardboard pot of natural yogurt !