A great success with our consumers, our dairy desserts will appeal to you for their tasty recipes, practicality and nutritional benefits.

Malo’s tasty desserts are in keeping with the brand spirit. They are a guarantee of our innovative know-how, yet they do not break with tradition. The most demanding dairy lovers in search of new flavours and textures will be captivated by them. Have you tasted these 6 new desserts?


Rennet range

Toffee rennet

The melting pleasure of toffee in a yoghurt. A real delight !

Coconut rennet

Take a breath of fresh air and travel to the islands with this coconut milk rennet!

Nutty chocolate rennet

The famous rennet MALO chocolate flavored with hazelnut (Gianduja) for a result close to the spread, a treat!

Intense chocolate rennet

Enjoy the new strong chocolate flavour in the Malo rennet added range.
Chocoholics will love it! Succumb to this strong dark chocolate flavour in a melt-in-the-mouth yoghurt. Taste it once and you will be addicted!

Chocolate rennet

Chocolate, the freshness of a soft smooth texture.
For everyone, anytime and anywhere!
The well-informed consumer will always have a pack to look forward to in the refrigerator!

Gourmet dessert

Chocolate fondant heart

A pastry dessert made from carefully selected ingredients, without additives or preservatives.
This product takes its full dimension once warmed: the heart of the warm cookie then becomes flowing while the outside remains crisp and mellow.

Dark chocolate mousse

This egg mousse brings out the intensity of dark chocolate for an unequaled pleasure! Notice to amateurs 😉

Coffee mousse

Gourmet recipe of mousse with eggs and coffee, to vary the pleasures, notice to coffee lovers!

Milk Chocolate Mousse

Those who want to rediscover the culinary memories of their childhood will appreciate this soft milk chocolate mousse with a firm texture.

White chocolate mousse on raspberry bed

This delicate white chocolate mousse rests on a generous raspberry bed that brings balance to this recipe worthy of the pastry desserts. A sweet and slightly acidulous wedding to discover !


Organic fair trade chocolate flan

This dessert, with a firm and melting texture, is elaborated according to the traditional homemade custard recipe. The choice of a fair trade Dominican Republic chocolate confirms our environmental and citizen approach

Flan flavor Vanilla Organic

This recipe has a firm and melting texture, is prepared from ingredients from organic farming (AB). Milk, eggs and a real scent of vanilla skilfully match the sweetness of the caramel topping. A simple spoonful allows young and old to remember or discover the flavors of the old custard made by their grandmothers !

Organic chocolate rennet

Our iconic “chocolate flavored” is now available in BIO ! Same texture, same intensity and always the same pleasure !

Organic chocolate mousse

A gourmet dessert organic, rich in texture and taste.
A simple recipe based on chocolate, eggs and cream without additives and dyes.

Organic rice pudding

Without additives, this rice pudding is elaborated as the homemade preparation of grandmothers. Cooked in milk, the rice grains, firm, have a soft and creamy texture. A generous recipe, for the pleasure of young and old !

Organic milk semolina

The secret of this recipe lies in the direct cooking of the semolina in the slightly sweetened milk. The promise of a creamy and delicate dessert on the palate !

Organic chocolate fondant heart

A pastry dessert made from carefully selected ingredients, without additives or preservatives. This product takes its size once warmed: the heart of the biscuit then becomes flowing while the outside remains crisp and soft.