Organic Vanilla Yoghurt

Organic Vanilla Yoghurt

The creaminess and pleasure of a good whole milk yoghurt with a hint of vanilla. A trip to the islands for your taste buds!

Made from 100% organic milk, our Dairy Masters have been particularly successful with this subtly balanced flavour, to the delight of even the most demanding.

A traditional 100% organic vanilla yoghurt, to be enjoyed without restraint!



The yoghurt should be kept in the refrigerator and eaten before the use-by date shown on the product.

Additional information

Energy Values

434kJ / 103kcal


3,1g / 100g

Of which saturates

2,1g / 100g


15g / 100g

with sugar

15g / 100g


3,8g / 100g


0,12g / 100g

Formats / Packs available

125 gr x 4


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