Salmon and cream galette



1) Cut in half the lemon. Press it to recover its juice. Reserve the juice aside.

2) Take a buckwheat patties and put it flat on a worktop.

3) Spread a layer of fresh cream on top of the pancake then place a slice of smoked salmon on the whole.

4) Pour a few drops of lemon juice on the slice of smoked salmon and pepper.

5) Roll the pancake on itself, squeezing it well, to form a roll.

6) Place the rolled pancake in a presentation plate.

7) Repeat to make the other three rolls.

8) When all pancakes are made, place them in the fridge until tasting.

9) Serve rolled pancakes with smoked salmon and fresh cream cold for the entree.

10) Serve with a seasoned green salad.

You can also cut each rolled cake into small sections and serve them on toothpicks as an aperitif.

Enjoy your meal ! 😋

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